How UsYouMe Works

Main Principles

  •  Open for all
  •  Youth Led
  • Crossing Borders
  • Lifelong Bond 
  • Preparation Process
  • Jewish Inspiration 

Forming the Youth Group

  • Building a substantial group made up of individuals who believe in balance and interconnection

  • Group members believing in the vision and goals of the project

  • A shared definition of a preparation process that is customized for each trip based on the composition of the group, their objectives, and their destination

  • The group members work together from the beginning stages of the planning process to the implementation of their work

  • Complete commitment from the group members for the entire planning process

  • The creation of a creative, collaborative, and respective environment that allows the strengths of every group member and the group as a whole to shine

  • The utilization of existing and new partnerships and infrastructures

  • Credible, transparent, professional, flexible and goal-driven management of the group