UsYouMe creates opportunities for adolescents to plan and lead trips that provide vital services to communities in the developing world. By engaging students in every aspect of trip preparation and execution, UsYouMe preserves and strengthens the three key idealistic impulses of adolescence: Creativity, Courage and Belief. As their inner core is developing, teens are most in need of experiences that reinforce these impulses and encourage idealism to blossom.

UsYouMe’s innovative program fills the gap, transforming students, who have grown up as “receivers” into “givers,” who take responsibility for planting and planting seeds that heal the world. Concentric circles of lives are touched, as the seeds take root in the young givers, grow strong in the communities they serve, and bear fruit into future acts of generosity around the world.

UsYouMe's strategic partners include Project Ten, The Jewish Agency, and the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto, California, as well as in-country NGOs.


Sima Simon founded UsYouMe from her unrelenting passion to create a global movement that harnesses the capacities of youth for service and social justice. Prior to starting UsYouMe, Sima held leadership positions in the high-tech sector, including CEO, marketing and business development. She has an Executive MBA from Bar Ilan University and completed the High Potential Leadership Program at Harvard Business School. She is the mother of three children.



In 2010 Sima Simon led a group of teens from a youth home in Israel on a remarkable service trip to a village in Rwanda. This was the pilot program for UsYouMe




Jewish/Israeli high school students from the Bay Area are planning and participating in a June 2015 trip to Mexico, Puerto Rico or Guatemala to volunteer on  service and social justice projects.  


Students lead all aspects of the preparation and logistical details for the mission, cultural and personal groundwork to maximize the participants' experience, and research the community service project.